Motivation Monday: Get (and stay) healthy on the cheap

Keep your waist slim and your wallet full by using these four tips for working out on a budget. 

You want to shed some pounds ahead of the holiday season, but gym memberships and fitness classes can cost a lot of money!'s Chris Freytag has four ways to exercise on a budget:

Create a home gym:

You don't need a designated space in your home to dub your "home gym." You can buy easily-stored items like a yoga mat, dumbbells and resistance bands to use in your living room.

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Use your own bodyweight:

Gravity is your friend! Getting into a daily routine of pushups, situps, etc can kickstart anyone's fitness regimen. You can also try using a chair for tricep dips!

Try your community offerings:

If social interaction is what you need, you will find a lot of free activities in your neighborhood. Try an online search for community centers and pop-up yoga classes near you.

Join an online program:

There are many different online fitness classes you can watch and participate from home. Get Healthy U TV provides live and taped classes daily. Go to Use the coupon code CHRISGOLD20 and get the whole first year for $20 - that is approx $1.60 per month!