Motivation Monday: Get started with spin

It's one of those fad workouts that actually works, but cycling is intimidating to many. However, once you navigate through all of the intricacies, it could be a life-changing source of cardio!

You've probably wondered whether cycle classes are worth the hype. For many, the answer is 'yes,' but it can be hard to get started. GetHealthyU's Chris Freytag has been giving us a "how-to" lesson in various exercise routines, and this one is bound to leave you "spinning" with excitement!\

There are many reasons to try out spin. It burns tons of calories and is a relatively low-impact exercise.

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We went to Addiction Cycle to explore how you get started. The key is to make sure your bike fits. The seat has several different adjustments, and the handlebars go up and down as well. You can always ask your instructor to help you set up your bike, but Freytag gave us some general rules to get started:

"Your knees should still be slightly bent when your legs reach the lowest part of your stroke. If you are standing next to your bike, the seat should be at hip height."

Most people think you need special gear or shoes to attend a cycle class. This is not true! You can wear regular gym shoes to start; there are cages on each pedal to keep your foot secure. Down the road, once you decide you enjoy spin class, then it may be worth your while to check out cycling shoes.

The best part of cycling: it is all done at your own pace! Freytag said, "No one knows how much tension you put on your bike, so there's zero shame in dialing it down if you need a break." You can start small, and then slowly make the ride tougher for yourself as you go.

Need more information before you hop on a bike? breaks down some cycle jargon and other beginner tips here.