The Thirsty Whale bakery set to open after a break-in

National Cake Decorating Champions set to open a bakery in North Minneapolis.

MINNEAPOLIS - A bakery in North Minneapolis is scheduled to open its doors this week. But a string of hurdles, including an early morning break-in almost jeopardized that.

Sarah, Megan, and Kyle are all about cake. And they've got bragging rights because last fall they claimed the title of National Cake Decorating Champions.

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"It was amazing," said Megan Begnell.

So amazing that they're set to open The Thirsty Whale bakery right in North Minneapolis on Fremont Avenue North.

"North Minneapolis is such a cool area, for one, I think it's really underrated and two, we live here," she said.

The bakery, which has a funny name, created by their grandmother, was set to open on Tuesday. But it got pushed back, after a break-in last month.

The thieves are still on the loose. They stole some items, but not the bakery equipment.

"I know a lot of people are concerned about the crime that goes on but my whole thing as a person is I believe people are generally good. Everyone has something good to do and our good thing to do is to open this bakery here and they deserve to have something awesome in North Minneapolis,” said Megan.

So bring them your craziest cake decorating ideas. They say they are ready to accept the challenge.

The "Thirsty Whale" Bakery will open this Saturday at 7 a.m.