Eating healthier in the new year

Gina Houmann, a registered dietitian with HealthPartners, says it's important not to overwhelm yourself with healthy eating.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - It's certainly nothing new. It’s a new year and a lot of people are wanting to switch up their eating habits.

Gina Houmann, a registered dietitian with HealthPartners, says it’s important not to overwhelm yourself.

“Starting with really small and tangible, really realistic goals,” Houmann says.

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She says to start with a simple tweak to your diet, work on that for a couple months, and then add another.

“If you think about, every couple of months making a small change, by the end of the year, those small changes can really add up,” she says.

So what do those changes look like? Houmann has a few suggestions that you can try out:

  • Drink water instead of pop.
  • Have a piece fruit for a morning snack.
  • Add vegetables to lunch.
  • Choose whole grain pasta, instead of white.
  • Choose whole grain bread, instead of white.

Houmann says making those healthier decisions can help prevent things like heart disease and diabetes.

Be sure to remember that it's a gradual process.

“You might not see those results the next day or even the next week or the next year, but it's thinking about down road,” Houmann says.