VERIFY: Does 'unsubscribe' actually get you more emails?

Tech experts advise it may be best not to click on any "unsubscribe" links.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - It may not be everybody's first choice for an online exchange anymore, but many companies still rely on email, and so do scammers.

Viewer Laura Kackman wanted to know: "Is it true if you click on the unsubscribe on an email that you don't want to get anymore, it just gets you on more email lists?"

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IT security company Sophos says yes, it's possible, especially if it's spam email. By opening an "unsubscribe" web link, you're confirming your email is valid and active-- which could attract more unwanted emails.

Computer security company McAfee agrees: "unsubscribing" could increase the amount of spam you receive; or worse, clicking a link could infect your computer with a virus or malware.

So what can you do about unwanted emails?

We asked the tech experts at The Nerdery a similar question earlier this year. Their answer: don't click on any links, just delete. If the emails are from a legit company, unsubscribe at the source.

"So if you go to their website and unsubscribe there, it's actually a valid location where you can say yes or no or opting out of these things. Where if you're doing it in the email, you don't really have any confirmation that it''s actually from them," said Storm Otis.


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