Airline: Passenger on Boise-bound flight tried to open cabin door in midair

Boise Police and the FBI are investigating the incident.

BOISE -- Passengers intervened to take down a woman who attempted to open an airplane cabin door during a flight to Boise Monday morning.

The incident happened onboard SkyWest flight 5449 from San Francisco to Boise.

A spokesman for SkyWest Airlines said the "unruly customer" was restrained, and the flight was able to land safely at the Boise Airport. Boise Police met the plane at the gate, and took the woman into custody.

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All other passengers were able to safely deplane at the Boise Airport, and no one was hurt, according to SkyWest.

WATCH: "Unruly" passenger on Boise-bound flight arrested

Boise Police spokeswoman Haley Williams said the woman is being medically evaluated, and possible charges have been routed to the prosecutor's office for review. Her name has not been released, and it's unclear why she attempted to open the aircraft door.

The FBI is also investigating the incident, Williams said.