St. Paul preparing events during Super Bowl

St. Paul is planning a number of outdoor events to coincide with the Super Bowl in Minneapolis, including a giant slide at CHS Field.

ST. PAUL, Minn. - The excavation is nearly complete. The bricks of ice are ready to be laid. And soon, the Ice Palace for the St. Paul Winter Carnival will take shape.

"It's a fun opportunity to try to draw people who obviously will be coming for the Super Bowl," says Patrick Hamilton from St. Paul as he watches the construction.

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Hamilton is thinking the same thing city officials are thinking.

"St. Paul's been looking at all kinds of different options to take advantage of these fans," said Adam Johnson with Visit St. Paul.

Over at CHS Field, it won't be the boys of summer playing on the ballpark.

It'll be Super Bowl fans.

They're installing a 140-foot-long snow slide, making plans for snow sculptures and forts in the outfield, and in the left field stands a big tub for "ice fishing."

"Basically do everything you can do in a Minnesota winter in one location. So while we know the locals will come, we really hope those folks from Florida and Arizona will come over and while they're visiting and get a feel for what Minnesota snow activities are all about," Johnson said.

St. Paul was an important part of Minnesota's Super Bowl bid, with all its hotel rooms included to make the Twin Cities an eligible host candidate.

But the activities in the capital city also give locals who won't be part of the big game more fun things to do during the festivities.

"While it was instigated by the Super Bowl coming, based on its success the plan will be to continue on and have this be an annual event every winter," Johnson said.

With Red Bull Crashed Ice also happening this month, a lot is coming together in St. Paul as the city looks for its share of attention when the Twin Cities go under the country's microscope.

"It's an opportunity for everyone to get out and play," said Hamilton.

For the activities at CHS field, they plan on selling tickets for time slots so you can go down that slide as many times as you want for an hour.

Tickets will be $10 for adults and $5 for kids 12 and under, and you can buy on the Saints' website once they're available next week.

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The St. Paul Winter Carnival starts Jan. 25.