Want Jimmy Fallon to come over for dinner?

Jimmy Fallon is coming over to one Minnesota family's house for dinner - and it could be yours.

MINNEAPOLIS - Jimmy Fallon is so excited to visit Minnesota for the Super Bowl, that he's even inviting himself over for dinner.

That's right, on Wednesday Fallon asked Minnesotans to send in their favorite family recipe for a chance to host him at their actual house.

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— Fallon Tonight (@FallonTonight) February 1, 2018

"I got to thinking about this," Fallon said. "Maybe instead of going to a restaurant I’ll just show up at some random person’s house for dinner. Bring a bottle of wine. Hang out, meet the family."

Fallon is as serious as a snow storm. The Tonight Show plans to stream the evening live on Facebook. To enter the contest, just send in the recipe you would make to JimmyVisitsMinnesota@tonightshow.com.

"Give me a recipe that you’re gonna make for dinner," he said. "A special recipe, a family recipe, and the reason why I should come to your house, meet the family, meet the kids, and I’m gonna show up."

Fallon is hosting his live post-Super Bowl show from Minneapolis on Feb. 4.