Metro Transit bus involved in crash, injuries reported

Both Metro Transit spokesperson Howie Padilla and Richfield Police confirm that an accident between a bus and a passenger car did take place near the intersection of 73rd Street and Nicollet, leaving 2 people critically injured.

RICHFIELD, Minn. - Reconstruction specialists are on the scene of a crash involving a Metro Transit bus in Richfield Monday morning that left two people critically injured.

Reconstruction experts from the state patrol were called in to determine the cause of a crash between a Metro Transit bus and a passenger vehicle Monday in Richfield.

It happened shortly after 7:30 a.m. at the intersection of 73rd Street and Nicollet. Metro Transit spokesperson Howie Padilla says a car with four people inside was eastbound on 73rd when it collided with a bus that was southbound on Nicollet. The impact sent the car and its occupants careening into a second Metro Transit Bus whose driver had pulled over after becoming involved in a fender bender.

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There is no traffic light at the intersection, only stop signs for those on 73rd. Vehicles traveling on Nicollet have th he right of way.

Both buses had passengers aboard: No one, including the drivers, was injured. All four passengers of the car suffered injuries, two of them are critical. At this point authorities have not released their identities or ages.