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Danny Spewak

Reporter @DannySpewak
Credit: Travis Kobs, KARE
Danny Spewak

Danny joined KARE 11 in May 2018 after spending five years as a reporter at sister station WGRZ-TV in Buffalo, N.Y.

A native of St. Louis, Danny graduated from the University of Missouri with degrees in broadcast journalism and political science. While in Columbia, Mo., he reported for KOMU-TV, KBIA-FM and KCOU-FM. Danny also covered college and high school sports for a number of online publications as a freelance writer based in Missouri.

Danny has long had a familiarity with the Twin Cities; his grandparents were both born and raised in Minneapolis before moving to St. Louis a few years after World War II. Seven decades later, it’s very cool to see that life has come full circle!

Why do you like your job? I love the adventure, and it allows me to see the world from a different perspective every day. We meet people in every neighborhood and every community across every county of our viewing area. It’s refreshing.

Favorite vacation spot: Toronto and Southern Ontario. One of the perks of living in Buffalo for five years was the proximity to the Canadian border.

Most memorable story: In 2014, I went inside one of the nation’s most notorious prisons in upstate New York to interview a Buffalo man convicted of murder under extremely shaky circumstances. Three and a half years later, new evidence emerged, proving he did not commit the crime. Seeing him walk free was a surreal moment.

Favorite sports teams: I’m a lifelong fan of the Missouri Tigers and the St. Louis Cardinals. I adopted the Bills from my time in Buffalo. And I have plenty of room for some more teams. I’m a huge college basketball fan so I’m also looking forward to making many trips to The Barn during the winter.

Family: I grew up in St. Louis, where my parents still live. I’m the second of four brothers.

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