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Jennifer Hoff

Reporter @JennHoffReports
Credit: KARE

When I was young, I wanted to be: a lawyer. My mom often teases me about my gift of gab and I like to think, at least I’m still able to put that to good use!

Favorite vacation spot: My favorite vacation spot is somewhere between lounging on a beach on the Oregon coast or hiking through a national forest.

Favorite sport to play: My favorite sport to play is volleyball – just don’t want to blow out my knee again!

Favorite story you ever worked on: My husband, who’s a photojournalist, and I were the only members of the media invited on an Honor Flight from Madison to D.C. that included Korean War Veterans for the first time. Even the 2013 government shut down didn’t stop our group from going! I am in awe of their spirit, strength and willingness to share their stories with us.

Why do you like your job: I love my job because it has allowed me to live and travel all over the country, learning intricate details about people and culture along the way. I am grateful to the communities that have accepted me over the years, along with the trust and memories we’ve built along the way. And I couldn’t be more humbled to now be doing that on TV in my hometown.

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