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Kris Laudien

Anchor @KrisLaudien
Credit: KARE

Kris joined KARE 11 from the rugged wilderness of Canada in 2018 as co-anchor of KARE 11 Sunrise.

Kris has worked as the host of two top-rated Morning Shows on Canadian TV, as a sports reporter covering the Vancouver Canucks and Vancouver Grizzlies (yes, there was an NBA team in Vancouver before it moved to Memphis) and trading opinions as a Talk Radio co-host.

Career highlights include covering the 2010 Winter Olympics, the Stanley Cup Finals and getting into a fish taco eating contest with professional competitive eater Joey Chestnut. Kris is thrilled to call the Twin Cities home.

When I was young, I wanted to be: A football player by day, pizza maker by night.

Describe your perfect day: Get a late start to a summer day and by late, I mean 6 a.m. Hit the gym or take a morning hike. Catch an afternoon Twins game and then dinner and patio drinks with friends. I love Happy Hour!

Favorite movie: "Gladiator," "The Royal Tenenbaums"

What do you order at a coffee shop? Chai Tea Latte

Most memorable assignment: The 2010 Winter Olympics. Hearing about the dedication, sacrifice and discipline the athletes went through to make it to the highest level of their sport was inspiring.

Favorite subject in school? History. I think I know everything about WWII.

Alma Mater: British Columbia Institute of Technology

Why do you like your job? You get to learn something new every day while having the chance to inform, entertain and have a lot of fun along the way.

Favorite food: Mexican. I could eat tacos every day of the week.

Family: Just me!

E-mail: KLaudien@kare11.com

Follow Kris on Twitter at @KrisLaudien and on Facebook.

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