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Lauren Leamanczyk

Anchor @LaurenKARE11
Credit: KARE

Lauren joined KARE 11 in August of 2016. She is currently an anchor on KARE 11 News at 5 p.m., and an investigative reporter. Before moving to the Twin Cities, Lauren was an investigative reporter and anchor at WBZ-TV in Boston. She has also worked at WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee and WKOW-TV in Madison, Wis.

KARE 11 marks a return to the Midwest for Lauren. She was raised in Chicago and attended the University of Missouri-Columbia. She married a guy from northwest Wisconsin and many of her in-laws live in the Twin Cities area.

Lauren is thrilled to be working in the Twin Cities. She is always looking for your story ideas!

When I was young, I wanted to be: A journalist. I knew I liked to write and loved the news. The TV part came later.

Describe your perfect day: Sleep late (happens rarely with a toddler at home), grab a great brunch, play outside with my son. Cap it off with a delicious dinner and some live music with my husband and great friends.

Favorite vacation spot: Any travel is good travel. Italy and Costa Rica are my two favorite vacation spots so far.

Favorite sport to play:  Basketball. I played a lot growing up. My jump shot is not very good anymore.

Favorite story you ever worked on: I’m a political junkie so probably the 2008 election. I got to interview all of the candidates and was at the Obama victory rally in Chicago on election night. The most memorable and emotional however, was the Boston Marathon Bombings and the manhunt that followed.

Why do you like your job: I learn something new every single day. I love getting to meet so many people who open up and tell me their stories. And I really love when I can help bring about positive change.

Family: My husband Mike, our son Dylan and our rescue dog Nina. I am lucky to have loving, supportive parents and a very close extended family.

Email:  lleamanczyk@kare11.com

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