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Lou Raguse

Reporter @LouRaguse
Lou Raguse

Lou joined KARE 11 as a reporter in April 2015. It is a return home after 10 years reporting and anchoring for KELO in Sioux Falls, KMSB in Tucson, and WIVB in Buffalo. At those stations, Lou won dozens of honors including an Emmy, Associated Press and NY State Broadcaster Awards.

Lou grew up in Wheaton, Minn. located on the far western reaches of the KARE 11 viewing area. He developed a love for news by writing the school newspaper and excelling in an extra credit social studies game called "Current Events Challenge."

Lou graduated from the University of Minnesota. He met his wife Emily, who was a competing reporter, while working on a story in Sioux Falls. They eventually worked at the same station in Buffalo. While living there, their daughter Violet was born. The whole family is thrilled to be home!

When I was young, I wanted to be: A professional basketball player. It was a tough day when I realized that wouldn't work out.

Describe your perfect day: Tailgating in the morning with family and friends followed by a game. Pizza for dinner with Violet. Capping off the evening with Emily relaxing and watching our favorite shows, possibly including a snack of Birthday Cake Oreos.

Favorite vacation spot: Rome and Florence, Italy.

Favorite sport to play: Co-ed softball. The Shotcallers were legends of the intramural diamonds at the U.

Favorite sport to watch: NFL football without a doubt.

Favorite story you ever worked on: Following a South Dakota mother's journey in life after she lost her son in a drunk-driving crash. She found comfort by meeting the father whose life was saved by receiving her son's heart via transplant. And she found strength by inspiring high school students to avoid alcohol. I get choked up every time I retell the whole story.

Why do you like your job: I take pride in being entrusted by others to tell their story. Ever since the elementary school lunch room, I've loved being the one to "tell the story."

Family: Wife Emily and daughter Violet. Both my parents live in Wheaton, Minn. where I grew up. My dad farms and my mom teaches. One sister is a teacher in Manhattan and the other sister a flight attendant in Boston.

Email: lraguse@kare11.com.

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