Tim began his career as a KARE 11 sports intern in 1986, but was hired officially in 1993 as a sports producer. He went to high school in White Bear Lake and began college at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, before transferring to the University of Minnesota.

An Emmy-winning reporter, Tim has also been honored in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Texas, for sports reporting. After a lifetime and a career focused on sports,

Describe your perfect day: Just spending time outside with my kids. Where we are or what we're doing doesn't matter.

What do you order at a coffee shop? Nothing. I never drink coffee.

Favorite subject in school: Recess, followed closely by lunch and gym.

Favorite sport to watch: All of them.

Favorite sport to play: Football. Nothing even comes close, and if you didn't play, you can't understand.

Alma Mater: The Dave Moore Academy for vertically-challenged anchors.

Proudest Award or story: An Emmy award for the Sydney Olympics Games in 2000. It was much work for two people, and I believe a job well done.

Why do you like your job? I like the responsibility of getting people off to a good start on their day.

Dream story: Covering my own story about winning the largest jackpot lottery ever, and purchasing the Minnesota Vikings.

Family: Tim is married and has two daughters.

E-mail: tmcniff@kare11.com