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Fireworks shortage impacting 4th of July celebrations

With less than a week to spare before 4th of July celebrations get underway, supplies are down roughly 30% due to supply chain issues.

PRESCOTT, Wis. — The 4th of July is quickly approaching, and a lot of people are putting together plans for the holiday weekend. However, your favorite fireworks show may not be happening this year due to a firework shortage.

"We’re getting people from all over, the phone calls we’re getting are people asking if we have fireworks," said Scott DeGross, Owner of Victory Fireworks in Prescott, Wisconsin. 

Amid a year plagued with shortages in many industries, fireworks are no exception. With less than a week to spare before 4th of July celebrations get underway, supplies are down roughly 30% due to supply chain issues.

"Production seems to be less of the issue than transportation," said DeGross. He went on to say, "I know there’s long waits to get into L.A., there’s long waits to get out of L.A. and so we have some containers that have been moving for a long time. Normally it would take about 28 days, maybe 35 days, to get it to our dock and sometimes they’re waiting longer than that.” 

Many firework vendors bolstered their inventory orders in preparation for this year, after record-breaking sales neared $2 billion in 2020, according to the research firm IHS Markit. 

"We’re pretty well stocked, we’re ready to go," said DeGross.

He's stocked, but with limited options.

"Some things are not able to be made that have been made in the past," said DeGross. 

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It’s a shortage that’s factoring into many local 4th of July traditions across the metro.

The Red White and Boom event in Minneapolis will be canceled for the second year in a row, with officials saying they need at least six months in advance to order and prepare. 

In St. Paul, their festivities are canceled because city officials say fireworks aren't in this year's budget. 

However, not all jurisdictions are extinguishing their traditions. The "Woodbury Hometown Celebration" will light up the sky once again, after reaching out to their contract vendor. 

"They assured us that we’re in a good spot to be able to host the event and we have enough supplies for it," said Michelle Okada, Parks and Recreation Director for the City of Woodbury. 

Though supplies may be low in some cases, for those who are prepared this Independence Day, it'll be business as usual. 

"Sales are up this year, I expect that the seasons going to be great," said DeGross. 

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