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Minneapolis, St. Paul prepping their outdoor ice skating rinks

With many indoor events limited this winter, outdoor skating rinks will provide a welcome out-of-the-house activity.
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MINNEAPOLIS — The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are getting their public skating rinks ready to go.

According to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB), there's been more interest in the outdoor rinks this season, with indoor activities limited.

MPRB says it has a plan for getting the rinks ready this winter, provided the state does not put restrictions in place that would not allow them to proceed.

According to St. Paul officials, flooding in their rinks is expected to begin this week, possibly Monday.

St. Paul

  • St. Paul has 14 general skating rinks and three refrigerated hockey rinks, plus three broomball rinks at McMurray Field and one large oval rink at at Groveland Recreation Center. A list of locations is available online
  • Refrigerated rinks to be open by Dec. 31
  • Natural rinks likely ready in the first two weeks of January
  • Warming houses will not be open to the public
  • Additional benches will be placed outside to allow people to get their skates on, take breaks
  • Skaters who are not part of the same household are required to stay 12 feet apart
  • Locations, hours and current rink status can be found at stpaul.gov/icerinks


  • MPRB says it takes a minimum of 10 consecutive days below freezing for ice to establish properly
  • Flooding is planned for later this month with the goal of creating skater-ready ice by the first week of January
  • People not in the same household are required to stay 6 feet apart
  • MPRB plans to open 39 rinks at 18 parks
  • Warming rooms will not open until at least Jan. 18, 2021
  • Free loaner skates will not be available this year
  • Pending additional state or city restrictions, Parade Ice Garden and Northeast Ice Arena are scheduled to reopen Jan. 4, games and competitions restarting the week of Jan. 11, and outdoor hockey and broomball leagues in January
  • An ice rink status map is available online

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