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Star of “Brittany Runs a Marathon” makes a stop at the State Fair

Hollywood comes to the Great Minnesota Get-Together!

FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. — Looking for a few good laughs this weekend? 

The new big screen comedy drama 'Brittany Runs a Marathon' opens in Minneapolis theaters Friday, August 30th. The film stars Jillian Bell, formerly of 22 Jump Street, Rough Night and Workaholics, along with award-winning playwright/director Paul Downs Colazzio. The duo visited the KARE 11 Barn at the Minnesota State Fair Wednesday.  

In the movie, Bell plays a funny 27-year-old New York woman named Brittany, who gets a startling wake up call from her doctor. The party girl is suddenly forced to get a grip, clean up her act and get back on track. But, is it the right path?

Colaizzo makes his directorial debut, and Bell leads an irresistible cast. Critics say Brittany Runs a Marathon is a film as entertaining as it is inspirational. It's the tale of how a woman known for being the life of the party finds real friends and a real life by taking control of her herself, one city block at a time.