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Food drive-thru for behind the scenes crews

They are used to being behind the scenes. Today, stagehands, technicians and production managers got the spotlight.

MINNEAPOLIS — We've heard plenty about how COVID-19 has affected businesses and workers over the last six months, but one group that's used to staying out of the spotlight, got some much-needed help today. We’re talking about the folks behind the folks in the music and entertainment industry.

“It's good to see everybody, and be with everybody, and lend a helping hand in the process,” says Steve Drymalski.

Drymalski is a production manager for Neil Young and Pearl Jam.
He says when concerts stopped, bars closed, and venues shut down, folks like him got shut out of work.

“We do our best, and historically have done our best, to be invisible. So, when it comes to times of crisis, we kind of made ourselves invisible, and not a lot of people know about us,” he says.

Today stagehands, technicians and vendors are all in the spotlight.
Loaves & Fishes teamed up with First Avenue, Musically Fed, Just a Bunch of Roadies and Rhino Staging to make sure of that.

“I didn't expect my car to get full. They said they had food, they didn't say six boxes per person, so there's that," says Victor Minefee, who is an out-of-work stagehand.

Normally, Loaves and fishes deals in hot meals, but this drive thru is a different kind of outreach, with families picking up boxes of fresh produce, frozen proteins and prepared meals.

"It's been a production. It's been three days of logistics; all the different food was on random pallets. They put everything together, they stored it all safely, and they are literally a backstage production crew,” says Cathy Maes, Executive Director of Loaves and Fishes.

Hundreds of families were able to drive up to get boxes and boxes of good food, because no one knows when work might come back, and right now, every little bit helps.

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