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Large group gathers in downtown Minneapolis for 'Minnesota Road Case' march

Group raising awareness about the effects of COVID 19 on live event industry.

MINNEAPOLIS — More than a hundred  people marched through the streets of downtown Minneapolis, from the Orpheum Theater, down the steps of Peavey Plaza.

“The situation is dire,” said Wendy Porter, the founder of the Minnesota Live Events Coalition. “We have 90% of our workers in our industry are currently out of work.”

One of many speakers at the "Minnesota Road Case" march, continuing to raise awareness about the effects of COVID-19 on the entertainment, arts and recreation industry. 

“We are a $1.3 trillion industry with more over 12 million workers here in the United States, and we are all out of work,” said Porter.

Jobs in the industry have continued to decrease since January, putting millions of people out of work and leaving others scrambling to find another way to make ends meet. 

“Literally, I went from having a year of planned work from March until the end of the summer, to having no work,” said speaker, Erin Schwab.

Thousands of events have been canceled with the future of the industry withering away. 

“What will our community look like without them,” said Dayna Frank, from First Avenue. “We don’t know what kind of world we are going to wake up to,” says Schwab.

People are demanding that Congress pass new measures, to keep the industry afloat.

“Sign the Restart Act today and get some new aid to help our industry get to the other side of this crisis,” says Porter.

As the crowd marched back to Peavey Plaza. They’re now hoping the workers that help run the events that bring the city to life, have a job to return to come next year.

The Minnesota Road Case march is just one of several events that are taking place across the state.

Earlier this month, buildings and entertainment venues across the Twin Cities were lit red to help raise awareness.