Charlize Theron mixes a bit of James Bond espionage and a lot of extreme “John Wick”-type action in “Atomic Blonde,” an energizing spy thriller that despite its thrills, still falls short of the wickedness of “Wick” and the intrigue of Daniel Craig’s 007 outings.

While Theron commands your attention every second she’s on film as MI:6 operative on a deadly Cold War-era mission, “Atomic Blonde” is simply too uneven. Director David Leitch certainly knows how to build intensity for scenes loaded with pulse-pounding action (usually though encounters of hand-to-hand combat or car chases), only to suck the energy out of the air at the most inopportune times.

In the end, "Atomic Blonde" just doesn't meet its potential. It's a good movie, just not a great one.

Atomic Blonde (R) 3 stars (out of 4); Kid Quotient: None

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