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FairPlay Entertainment aims to help artists, emerging artists for free

Learn about the Twin Cities music collective that books shows for artists in its roster while keeping them independent, on "The Gig List."

MINNEAPOLIS — There's a new music collective in the Twin Cities, called FairPlay Entertainment.  

Nur-D, one of the artists in FairPlay, calls it a sort of "Justice League coming together" for a common goal.  (If you know a little about Nur-D, this analogy makes a lot of sense.)

Nur-D said the FairPlay is a way for the artists to help elevate each other.  But he also said it's a talent enhancement program.

"Meaning that we help find the artists in our roster tools they can use to advance their own brand," Nur-D said. "Graphic design, merchandise, online marketing, performance coaching, and career planning all at no expense to the artist," he said.

Nur-D said while the collective can, and often does book shows for the artists on their roster, each FairPlay artist will remain their own entity, meaning they're still independent.

The roster so far includes Mickey Breeze, DJ Hayes, Tuvok The Word, Lt. Sunnie, MPLS Drew, Brandon Pulphus, and of course Nur-D.

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