SAINT PAUL, Minn. - The Mixed Blood Theatre is swapping their stage in Minneapolis for the baseball diamond of CHS Field in Saint Paul.

"Safe at Home" is an immersive play that uses baseball as a metaphor to examine immigration, race, and the American Dream.

Guests will be escorted around the ballpark to watch nine scenes that are staggered 10 minutes apart. The show is wheelchair accessible as well.

"The audience travels from the press box to the batting cages to the clubhouse," said Jack Reuler, artistic director of Mixed Blood Theatre.

The play is "centered around a 25-year-old Dominican pitcher set during the 7th game of the World Series, right before a presidential election," said Reuler.

For actor Christoher Rivas, who plays the role of the Dominican baseball player, "the biggest draw when I read the script, it’s so timely, so on-point.

Even though the script was written four years ago, "it just happened to coincide so perfectly with our current issues of immigration and who we are in the make-up of our nation. Putting it all through the spectacle of baseball, is quite a brilliant way to bring it all home," said actor Rodolfo Nieto.

"Safe at Home" is playing every day through Sunday at CHS Field. For ticket information and how to see the show for free, click here.