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KARE in the Air: The best so far...

Photojournalist Ron Stover compiled some of his favorite stops on our summer-fall drone tour, and put them together for a one-stop shop.

DULUTH, Minn. — At first it was to be a summer diversion, an opportunity to put an underused drone to work and put some nice scenery on television and online. 

But it didn't take long to learn that KARE in the Air could provide something much more to viewers, and to us. The pieces that photojournalist Ron Stover compiled while visiting some of Minnesota's most beautiful and iconic settings for many began serving as a chance to take a deep breath, and find at least a brief moment of peace to celebrate and reflect what makes our state such a fine place to live and visit. 

Whether it is the picturesque North Shore of Lake Superior, the rugged bluff county of southeastern Minnesota or the quirky Lindstrom coffee pot water tower, these places hold a special place in our hearts for any variety of reasons. The bottom line is, they collectively are OURS... to visit, cherish and remember. 

If you have an idea for a place we should visit, leave a post on any of our social media platforms, or text it to 763-797-7215. Again, text... don't call. 

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