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KARE in the Air: Nistler's lilac labyrinth is a short-term attraction

The attraction started when Mike Nistler planted 500 lilac bunches on the family hobby farm back in 2005. The bloom only lasts about two weeks.

STEARNS COUNTY, Minn. — "KARE in the Air" is back, with our drone above a sight you can only see a few weeks out of the whole year.

The lilac labyrinth that sits between St. Cloud and Cold Spring was planted and nurtured by Mike Nistler and his family on their hobby farm. 

It consists of about 500 lilac bushes that are in bloom right now, but is only expected to last a few more days. 

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And unlike a corn maze, Nistler says there are no worries about getting lost here. The labyrinth just keeps wrapping around and around, and features at least three different ways to get out. There are benches inside if you need to take s short rest, but getting through is not exactly a marathon: Nistler says it only takes about four minutes to navigate start to finish.

Mike Nistler also runs an event business off his property, which is called Boomerville Lodge. It's located at 25417 Co. Rd. 2, in Rockville.

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