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KARE in the Air: State Fair quiet before the storm

You've seen the fair with 200,000 people wandering the grounds, but our drone provides a different look... dead calm and quiet hours before 12 days of crazy.

FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. — Our latest installment of KARE in the Air provides a different look at a familiar place. 

In mere days, the 2022 Minnesota State Fair will be open for business, with tens of thousands of folks eating, drinking, looking at exhibits of the latest and greatest and just taking in the human zoo. 

But before that happens comes the scramble, with those vendors and attraction managers hustling to make sure everything is set up and fine tuned. Everything is ready to go, but the place is like a veritable ghost town... a perfect place to shoot a scary movie, or at least let your imagination run wild. 

Come Thursday, the quiet will be shattered but in a good way: When the gates open, those who wait all year for these 12 days to arrive will pour in like beer flows at The Hanger. Have fun, and enjoy... because after this is all over, it's another 353 days before you get another shot. 

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