ST. PAUL, Minn. - While Taylor Swift entertained thousands of fans here in the Twin Cities over the weekend, her show may have meant the most to a mother and daughter from Rogers.

"Whenever her song comes on the radio we also bust out some moves," said Sanibel Randolph. She was perhaps more excited than most to be sharing this moment with her family, and especially her mom, Natasha.

"I was diagnosed with cancer in May, with thyroid cancer," Natasha Randolph explained. "And then my daughter Sanibel who is 14 was diagnosed on August 4th with thyroid cancer as well."

Mother and daughter, sharing the same battle with cancer, at the same time.

"Honestly it was extremely overwhelming. Somedays it still seems surreal," Natasha said. She started her treatment over the summer; Sanibel will begin hers this week.

"We probably would have never known she had thyroid cancer had it not been for my experience," mom explained.

After a summer filled with doctor's appointments and hospital stays, Sunday night at the Taylor Swift show was all about making happier memories, thanks to a new nonprofit, the "Have a Nice Day Foundation."

"When mom or dad gets cancer, the whole family tends to feel it, we're here to give them a nice night out," said Natasha Kettleson, co-founder of the "Have a Nice Day Foundation."

The organization chose the Taylor Swift show, knowing the singer's own mom is battling cancer, never expecting to make such a difference for a mother and daughter facing the same fight.

"None of us could even sleep last night and for once it wasn't about anxiety about tests or treatments or surgeries, it was because we were so excited," Natasha Randolph said.

"Everybody's been so great helping me have a nice day, all these different organizations and I want to thank everyone for that," said Sanibel Randolph.

Sanibel's school is planning to rally for her at homecoming coronation on Monday night.

For more information about the "Have a Nice Day Foundation" visit this link.