MINNEAPOLIS - Leaders in Minnesota education, business, and government were among those who signed off on a full-page ad in Monday's Star Tribune denouncing "un-Minnesotan" behavior against Muslims.

The ad asks Minnesotans to "lead people to a place of tolerance and understanding," and "come together as a diverse and vibrant community." Anything else would be "bretraying our values," which would be "very, very un-Minnesotan of us."

"Though we may be a soft-spoken bunch, we know better than to be silent or still in the face of bigotry shown to Muslims. Our fellow Minnesotans." the ad reads.

The ad includes the Twitter hastag #UnMinnesotan and was later trending Monday in the Twin Cities.

Among others signing onto the ad: Gov. Mark Dayton, Eric Kaler, Sen. Al Franken, and businesses such as Best Buy, General Mills and Cargill.