MINNEAPOLIS - Students are grooving and filling up on the fun. This is the Best Buy Geek Squad Academy.

Andrea Riehl, Geek Squad Academy's Program Manager, says nearly 77 percent of jobs will require tech skills over the next decade. Exposing children to technology who don't have access to devices or the internet will hopefully help fill the gap.

"We can put some awesome technology in the hands of teens that don't get to experience this," Riehl said. "The biggest thing we want the teens to take away is an interest in technology."

Minneapolis is one of nearly 40 cities that will offer a free two-day camp for kids between the ages of 10 and 18 to learn about coding and music engineering.

"In the music class they are learning to become audio producers, engineers, and out video together," Riehl said.

The boys and girls are separated, but for a good reason.

"Studies have shown that girls especially do better in STEM areas when they are separated from the boys. We hope that it gives them real ability to focus on the technology and not think about anything else that might be happening," Riehl said.

Apart now, but noting the endless possibilities of working in the world of technology together.