MINNEAPOLIS - "For everybody, everybody who thought the election was over, think again."

Those words from KARE 11 political expert and Hamline Law Professor David Schultz, following Hillary Clinton's health scare which was later confirmed to be a bout with pneumonia.

"It's going to be a very good week for Donald Trump, a very bad week for Hillary Clinton," Schultz said. "This suddenly legitimizes all this sort of Internet chatter that had wondered whether or not she was physically up for the job."

But amid the chatter -- a charge. Is there a double standard?

"I would say she's clearly being held to a double standard here, and it shouldn't be a surprise," Schultz said. "I think we have these stereotypes that women aren't strong enough, aren't fit enough to be President of the United States."

Schultz says John McCain comes closest to Clinton in terms of having to prove his health back in 2008. When it comes to past presidents some of our favorites may not have made the cut today.

"If we had the kind of disclosure back in 1960, that we do now, John Kennedy wouldn't be President of the United States -- given his back problems some of the physical problems he faced," Schultz said.

Shultz says people want to know their president can handle the job, but there's also the whole campaign -- call it an extended job interview -- that may well be more demanding than the job itself.