MINNEAPOLIS - We are now exactly two weeks away from Election Day. While all the talk has been around the Presidential race, Minnesotans have other responsibilities at the poll.

Even after the governor appoints a state supreme court judge citizens have the power to change it.

But so often, that box is left blank. Tonight, let's try to up that number, because it does matter.

"Every day people go before our courts and they want fair, impartial, qualified judges. If you care about the quality of justice that you are going to get when you walk through that courtroom door, than you should pay attention to who is on that Supreme Court ballot," said Robin Wolpert, President of the Minnesota Bar Association.


In that light, your two choices for Minnesota Supreme Court on Nov. 8 are incumbent, Justice Natalie Hudson and challenger Michelle MacDonald.

Hudson graduated from University of Minnesota Law School in 19882, was Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at Hamline University, served as the St. Paul City Attorney for two years, Assistant Attorney General for eight years, a Court of Appeals Judge for 13 years before being appointed to the Supreme Court by Governor Dayton last year.

MacDonald graduated from Suffolk University Law School in 1986 and has practiced law ever since, creating her own firm in 1994. She has also served as a conciliation/small claim court judge for Hennepin County and founded the non-profits Family Innocence and Familycourt.com.

For more information about the judges on the ballot, click here.