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Airplanes may no longer have windows - would you still fly?

"What we may have [in the next 20 years] is aircrafts that are windowless."
Credit: Mongkol Chuewong
Young asian business man smiling and looking view at window in airplane

Everyone loves fighting over the window seat, but in the next few years, there might be no windows at all! Tim Clark, the president of Emirates Airlines, has said that he believes, “What we may have [in the next 20 years] is aircrafts that are windowless."

Though that may make people who are claustrophobic shrink back in fear, the reason behind why is actually for passenger safety. Eliminating windows would make the the exterior plane stronger by eliminating structural weaknesses and allowing them to fly farther, faster. The question is - is it worth it to get there a bit sooner, but not see any sky? The designs for these new planes would appear like solid, uninterrupted tubes from the outside but would have fake "normal" windows on the inside - made of digital screens, of course.

However, there are also several safety concerns if airplanes were to eliminate windows. Many cabin crew members use the windows for final flight safety checks and in emergency situations (like ice forming on wings). Whatever the future holds, we want to know if you would still ride in a windowless airplane? Give us your #DBLTake!

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