GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - While next week's eclipse won't be seen in totality around Minnesota, provided the clouds stay away, we'll still see something. There are several apps out there to help enhance the experience.

NASA recommends ten apps on its Eclipse 2017 website, including its own NASA and NASA Television apps, along with several others:

Total Solar Eclipse (Free) on iOS | Android

Total Solar Eclipse from Exploratorium is a live streaming app that promises live video feeds on eclipse day from coast to coast. The streams will include coverage hosted by educators and NASA scientists, and views from NASA's telescopes.

GLOBE Observer (Free) on iOS | Android

NASA also wants you to share your observations about the eclipse. That's where their GLOBE Observer app comes in. GLOBE stands for "Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment." They're inviting students and the public around the world to share what they're seeing to help NASA's scientists.

Smithsonian Eclipse 2017 on iOS | Android

The Smithsonian is also getting in on the eclipse action. They've got their own Solar Eclipse app that can help you preview the what you'll see from your location with interactive maps and virtual viewers.