MINNEAPOLIS -- Roses are reds and violets may be blue, but if you need to boost your mood, go green.

Studies show that potting your plants inside your home can affect your well being, especially during the winter months.

We dug in with our plant pro from Mother Earth Gardens in Northeast Minneapolis, Jessica Heimer.

"It adds greenery, they also clean your air and with the winter months especially when you end up staying the house a lot having something to kind of look after and water, take care of, can be beneficial for your health.” she said.

First, a lesson in lighting: to pick the perfect plant for you, decide if your interiors have low, medium or bright light.

For a brightly light space, Heimer suggests ficus lyrata.

"It's a fiddle leaf fig, ficus elastica, which is the rubber plant, and we have the croton which you can tell by their bright foliage," she explained. "These are all relatively easy to take care of as far as their watering schedules once you get them established in the sunny location that they’re going to stay in.”

For a medium light room, our green thumb has some pointers.

"Dracaenas, there’s the Marginata, the Warneckii and the Janet Craig, and we also have xerographica air plant in there," she said. "Those actually do not go in soil but people tend to have really good luck with them at home because they don’t need to be in full sun they don’t need to be in a pot and you can just soak them in your sink once a week.”

Finally, for a low light room, try Calathea.

"It will need to be kept humid and well watered but the ZZ plant and the Sanseviera you can water once a month,” she said.

Happy planting!

For more information on how to transform your space with plants, visit Mother Earth Gardens in Northeast, Minneapolis.