MINNEAPOLIS - Do the cold months have you itching for a getaway? We’ve got a few trips you can take right in your own backyard. First, embrace the cold!

The ice castles in Stillwater are always a sightseeing destination, explore the frozen formations and make a weekend out of it with a vacation rental or bed and breakfast. Bonus, the town just got a new speakeasy.

If being inside is more your climate this time of the year, pack up the fam and head to Arrowwood Resort in Alexandria. With a 38,000-foot area for aquatic adventures, you can float away those winter woes.

Or, be a tourist in your own town at the Museum of Russian Art right here in Minneapolis. Immerse yourself in the Kremlin culture by picking up a Pierogi at a Russian restaurant and Vodka bar around town, like Hammer & Sickle.