MINNEAPOLIS - The DIY craze is still hot with shows like "Trading Spaces" back on the air and HGTV's "Fixer Upper" still a favorite among many.

These shows cram a lot into an hour-long episode which make the process look easy. But don't be fooled. It takes a lot of work.

No one knows that more than Katie Jaydan, of White Crane Construction, a home remodeling company in Minneapolis.

Jaydan showed us a 100-year-old home that underwent some big changes, from the kitchen to the bathroom and basement.

The basement went through a complete overhaul just with its looks alone.

"I used to call it the 'Ronald McDonald basement' because it was finished. All the walls were yellow and all the trim and doors were red so it was like a circus down here," she said, showing us the updated space with bright walls, a wet bar and poker room.

The upstairs bathroom also got a facelift with a double vanity, new shower, tile and new bathtub.

It all looks nice, but before you jump in and do it yourself remember this isn't like what you see on TV.

During the tour, Jaydan gave us advice on how to do home projects the right way. A lof of it has to do with expectations.

She suggests people be realistic with their timeframe and budget.

"It takes a lot of time and planning and careful execution," she said. Also, be realistic with your budget.

Don't expect to do a big project in one weekend.

If you're doing the work yourself Jaydan says, "Don't just start swinging the hammer, Have a plan in place, know what you're getting yourself into and be prepared for what's coming next. Know that you will run into things and you have to account for that."

A big mistake Jaydan sees with home renovations is not having an overall vision for a room.

"I think they're looking at cabinets and countertops. They're not looking at a holistic approach of the entire space. It really takes a lot of careful planning when you have walls and windows and doors and if those aren't moving you have to work around them and it has to be purposeful and well planned," she said.