GOLDEN VALLEY - Kathryn Newman of Augusta Dog Training and Poppy, a golden retriever puppy, visit KARE 11 studios to show us how to prepare pets for holiday travel.

Whether you are headed to grandma's house or a pet hotel... here are some tips to follow.

Staying with friends or family:

  • Make sure your pet is truly welcome. Do not assume that just because you take your pet everywhere he is welcome everywhere.
  • If you dog is staying with you at Friends or Family he or she needs to be trained on the BIG THREE
  • House broken, crate trained and quiet (not barky or noisy)
  • These are the three most common complaints about canine guests
  • No one likes a dog who soils inside or is a barker
  • A crate allows you safely to manage your dog during large parties and gathering (high energy situations)
  • Also, when visiting you and your host will go sight-seeing or run errands leaving your pet alone at your host's house. A crate provides you pet a sense of security in a new environment and ensure your dog will not soil or destroy something.
  • Be considerate and follow the house rules. If the host's families dog is not allowed on the furniture, neither is yours.

If you are boarding your dog at an overnight facility:

  • Make reservations in advance, have your pet's vaccine updated in advance
  • Pre-bag your dog's food – this assure that she is eating the same amount that you would feed at home
  • Bring medication and supplements if your dog needs them (there may be a marginal charge to administer)
  • Toy and chewies should be durable as dogs tend to chew more on vacation. Avoid rawhide as most facilities do not allow it.
  • Select traditional or cage-free boarding depend on your dog's personality.
  • Cage-free overnight care is like 24-hour daycare. The dogs play and sleep as a group. Most facilities separate dogs at meal time.
  • Cage-free is an excellent choice for older dogs or dogs who are have crate anxiety.
  • HOWEVER, your dog must enjoy and tolerate the company of other dogs.
  • Traditional boarding of individual suites or kennel runs are still the most popular choice of dog owners. They provide privacy and quiet time.
  • Many owners select doggy daycare for a daytime amenity. At bedtime the pooches retire to their own bedrooms. Many kennels offer additional amenities to make your dog's stay more enjoyable and stress free.
  • Lastly, IF YOU PET HAS NEVER BEEN BOARDED, consider a day visit prior to the actual stay to acclimate your dog prior to his longer stay. This allows you pet to become familiar with the staff, facility and routine.