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Best tools for landing a job in 2018

Ted Chalupsky stopped by our studios to give us some updated tips for finding the right gig for you.

Okay, so your 2017 job search didn’t turn up the career of your dreams, it’s a new year, let’s try some new tools.

Ted Chalupsky stopped by our studios to give us some updated tips for finding the right gig for you.

Job searching has changed dramatically in recent years. While conventional wisdom focused on the want ads, pounding the pavement and fitting your resume on a single sheet of paper, today’s most successful job searches are overwhelmingly digital. Here’s how to leverage some of the best online tools to enhance your job search.

First he says, get involved on LinkedIn.

A complete, accurate LinkedIn profile that uses strong keywords attached to your job – and includes a professional-looking photo – will likely capture some recruiters’ notice even if you do nothing else. To build your network and find jobs faster, however, you can also post updates, participate in discussion groups, and more.

Then, build a portfolio.

An online portfolio can be one of your strongest assets during a job search. Not only does it showcase your best work and invite others to view it, but an online portfolio can be shared by sending a single link – saving you time and effort when filling out job applications.

Here are several web-based options for building a clean, professional portfolio. Choose the options that best fit your work.

-Weebly: User-friendly personal website builder. Include images, files, links and more.

-YouTube: If your work is heavily visual or translates well to video, YouTube is the way to go.

-Pinterest: Pinterest’s elegant, graphics-focused interface makes it easy to build a stunning visual portfolio of photographs, infographics, diagrams, and more.

-Behance: Designed for portfolio building, Behance supports multimedia portfolios, so you can keep your images, documents, sound files, slides and videos all in one place.

You can also upload many of these items to LinkedIn, further enriching your profile on the site.

Also, engage with your recruiter’s online tools.

Nearly every recruiter posts job openings on their websites to make it easy for you to track these postings by following job alerts. Online application and referral tools also make it easy to stay on top of some of the best available jobs. Ask a recruiter for advice on maximizing the value of their online tools for your job search.