GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- 'Tis the season for giving...and if you are looking for a Minnesota made touch, Chef and cookbook author Beth Dooley has some tasty ideas for you to consider.

1) B & E’s Trees Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup — find it in all of the Natural Food Co-ops, especially Lakewind’s Co-op. It’s fabulous on pancakes and waffles and ice cream and it’s even better in a cocktail … and that brings me to our next item …

2) 11 Wells Spirits - Rum, Whisky and Bourbon … available at most liquor stores including France 44, Surdyks, etc. … mix up some good stuff to garnish with cranberries and chestnuts ….which brings me to chestnuts.

3) Chestnuts - my most favorite winter treat … roast them at the edge of a fire, peel and enjoy with the Maple-toddy.

4) Lone Grazer Cheeses and Bakersfield Breads - go beautifully with all of the above, too… slice the cheeses and breads to serve as appetizers or for lunch with the chestnuts and the drinks … and if you have leftover bread, make bread pudding or French toast and drizzle with the syrup.

5) Books by a Minnesota author: In Winter's Kitchen by Beth Dooley. “Actually, this is much more memoir than I intended! My editors kept asking me to put in more stories about myself. ‘We want to hear more about you, not a farmer’s market cheese maker!’ But throughout my life, I have met the most interesting people and I really wanted to tell their stories and talk about the amazing food they bring us.”