GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Red's Savoy Pizza, a fast-growing Minnesota company, recently unveiled a new look and style.

The company, which was founded in St. Paul 52 years ago, is proudly embracing its Minnesota heritage by introducing a clean, retro Minnesota feel to its logo, store signage, pizza boxes, menus, website and more. With a nod to the past but a focus on the future, the company now identifies itself as the gold standard for "Minnesota-style" pizza.

While the pizza is not changing, Red's Savoy customers will notice a Minnesota-focused image makeover. The exterior signs on the company's 15 (soon to be 17) stores across the Twin Cities say “Sota-style since 1965,” pizza boxes say “hot dish” in large font, and company business cards say, “Hey there, let's keep in touch” on the back.

Certain products are getting new Minnesota-style names. For example, the meat-lovers pizza is now called "the meat raffle" pizza. Drivers will also notice Red's Savoy delivery vehicles now display fun phrases like “ding dong,” “Are we there yet?” or “comin' hot.”