GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn--Now that the dog days of summer have moved from fall to winter, that means most of us living creatures will be spending a lot more time indoors. Max Nelson from Chuck and Don's joined us on KARE News@4 with some timely suggestions for keeping dogs active and happy during the long winter months ahead.

Indoor Activities for Dogs
• Visit an indoor dog park - They’re the holy grail of winter off-leash fun, and the Twin Cities has two of them! Central Park in Lakeville and Stone Mountain Pet Lodge in Blaine.
• Join or create a play group - Join an organization with playgroup opportunities or rent a community space like Chuck & Don’s Abby Pet Place and invite a pup’s closest friends.
• Exercise a dog's mental muscles with Puzzle toys - Toys that encourage dogs to work for their food or reward can be both mentally and physically stimulating.
• Play a game with your dog - Get creative and make up a game like ‘find it’, hide small pieces of treats around your house and watch their nose go nuts.