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Small projects that make a big difference

Now is the perfect time to tackle some organizational projects while you're staying at home.

You may be feeling the urge to declutter or organize your home since you've been spending more time in it with stay-at-home orders in place.If you don't feeling like doing a whole over-haul of your home, Michele Vig, founder of Neat Little Nest, has some simple but significant projects for this time.

  • Under the sink – If you’re looking for a quick win organization project, start under the sink. I know from experience that many homeowners can benefit from doing a quick refresh of that area with three easy steps.
    1. Pull everything out + put subcategories together – cleaning products, dish washing, etc.
    2. Ditch the stuff you no longer need or want
    3. Contain what you have left – deep containers work well under the sink
  • The utensil drawer – organizing the utensil drawer is a very satisfying project because all you need to transform the space are drawer dividers. I often find families have purchased the one big “utensil organizer” and have put that into their drawer but have found it doesn’t quite work. My advice is to ditch the all-purpose option and customize with individual drawer dividers so you can use every inch of the space.

Decanting baking all-stars – Not quite ready to tackle the entire pantry, then take a bite size project of decanting your baking all stars like flour, sugar and brown sugar. This project truly is as easy as taking stock of the items you use the most for baking and buying containers to decant them.

To find a free decluttering checklist, visit the Neat Little Nest blog at www.neatlittlenest.com/blog.

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