UPDATE: Diagon Alley won’t be totally done until Tuesday. Save your visit for then if you can.

Up and down the streets of every neighborhood in Seattle, new construction is a familiar sight. But in one driveway in Ballard, the details and angles on a structure being built defy the typically boxy nature of the city’s new wave of homes and apartment buildings.

For fans of the Harry Potter book and film series, the project should be instantly recognizable.

Jon Chambers, a Seattle tech veteran with time on his hands after stepping away from his most recent job, has built a sizable recreation of Diagon Alley, the London shopping area for wizards that is accessible through a secret brick wall located behind a pub.

"I just love this kind of fantastical world that J.K. Rowling has created," Chambers said. "It’s obviously spurred the imagination of myself, a lot of adults. I think we’ve gotten more adult visitors come from out of town to visit already than we have kids."

It was a community effort, with 50 people volunteering their time to help build Diagon Alley. Chambers also invested $2,500 of his own money in the project.

"It’s exciting," Chambers said. "I love it. It fuels my creative energy."

Chambers said he hopes to keep Diagon Alley open through the first of the New Year.

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Editor's note: The home is located across from Ballard’s Whittier Heights Elementary School.