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Should you give CBD Oil to your pets?

The supplement is flying off the shelves, but is it safe to use for our furry friends?

CBD Oil has been flying off the shelves for months, but now it's popping up in a place you might not expect - pet stores. 

People are now giving their animals the supplement, and claim it can cure anything from anxiety to arthritis in dogs. 

But is it really working?

We took the question to K9Kait, our 11Alive hub for all things animal, to look in to whether or not it works. 

"When we first got them, one of ours had a broken jaw, parvo, very severe ailment, and nearly died... We put him on the CBD and it changed his life," said Michael Dunne. 

He is a believer. 

Dunne takes CBD Oil himself, and gives it to his two rescue dogs and one cat religiously. 

"This cat has like 200 lives, but I think CBD is part of expanding that to him," he said. 

 He liked what it did for him and his pets so much, he started selling it. 

"The vets are really amazed and the only common denominator we had with all three adding CBD Oil," he said. 

But a doctor I talked to says that's difficult to scientifically prove. 

"A lot of this stuff is anecdotal and you don't know how much CBD is actually present," said Dr. Taaha Shakir.

He is wary of many of the claims made my CBD Oil producers because the supplement does not have FDA approval. 

"It's not really regulated, you don't know how much is going in, or if it's present. And I think a lot of those unknowns is what makes is dangerous," Shakir said. 

While there are some ongoing studies about how it will affect the human liver, he says there's very little research about how it could affect pets. 

"There are some studies about how it performs in mice, but in any other animals, I don't think there's any study about how it will benefit them or harm them," he said. 

The FDA just had a hearing about how to start regulation, but at the point, all they have are questions. 

Dunne says that's all something to consider. 

"This is an evolving industry. So buyer beware. Be cautious and make sure you do your research," he said. 

There's no timeline for when the FDA could approve its use, but you can find it anywhere - from coffee shops to grocery stores. 

So are people really using it on their pets? 

They are. K9Kait asked this question on her Facebook page, and the resounding answer was yes, people give it to their pets, and yes, they think it's helping.


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