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Helping Hammie: Local rescue plans summer bucket list for sick puppy

The five-month-old French Bulldog has a cleft palate and several rare heart defects that cause him to have a much shorter life span.

MINNEAPOLIS — A Minnesota puppy, who is sure to steal your heart, has some problems with his own.

Hammie the French Bulldog has a heart condition that means he may not live much longer. But at just five-months-old, his caretaker says he still has a lot of energy.

"He goes from little old man that just loves to snuggle to crazy puppy," says Secondhand Hounds Neonatal Program Coordinator Teri Woolard.

Hammie requires around-the-clock special care from that animal rescue because he was born with a cleft palate and several rare heart defects. Hammie is also potentially a candidate for a first-of-its-kind heart surgery at the University of Minnesota. 

"In the hope that we can lengthen his life and give him a great life span," said Woolard. "Unfortunately, a lot of these puppies don’t go on to live a long life span."

In their short time together, Woolard is now making it her mission to help Hammie launch a puppy bucket list. On Thursday, the pair took some time to stroll around the famous spoon at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. 

They've been busy checking off other must-dos too. From riding a Zamboni to playing arcade games, posing at a photo shoot and taking a pilates class, the two are living their best lives! 

"Dogs don't have the same concept of day-to-day life as we do," says Woolard. "They don't know tomorrow, they're living in the moment, which is so great." 

This weekend, Hammie even plans to explore the North Shore - proof it's not how long, but how well one has lived.

"While they may not have a long life, they can have a great life and it’s worth all the care," said Woolard. 

Dogs like Hammie only live to be about one or two years old. If he's a candidate for surgery and it goes well, Woolard says he may be adoptable in the future.

Until then, Secondhand Hounds has a lot of dogs looking for a forever home.

You can find more information about their programs here