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Tips for dog behavioral issues amid the pandemic

Being home with your pups so much can actually cause problems. Augusta Dog Training can help you fix them.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — With an influx of adoptions during the pandemic, Kathryn Newman with Augusta Dog Training is seeing three specific issues people are having with their pups.

Without daytime naps because of interaction throughout the day as people work from home, dogs are displaying upset moods around 7-8p.m., which can cause aggression. To help prevent this, Newman suggests making sure that dogs are being left alone to rest.

As people stay home more and leave the house less, young dogs that haven't traveled much are experiencing car sickness. Augusta Dog Training recommends putting the puppy in the car and traveling, even for short distance, at least two or three times a week.

Dogs are also experiencing low-level separation anxiety because of the extended periods of time they are spending with their owners. Puppies need to learn that it is safe to be left alone, Newman said. For young puppies that sleep with their owners, Newman suggests crating them in a separate room either overnight or for a nap until they are a year old. When you reunite with your dog, do not be overly enthusiastic so they don't learn that being apart from you is a bad thing.

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