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Baaa-rand new lambs greet guests at Como Zoo

The arrival of two Baby Dall sheep bookended the month of April, and now the cute critters also have new names.
Credit: Como Zoo
Breezey (L) and lao (R) are new arrivals to Como Zoo, having both been born in April.

ST PAUL, Minn. — Spring is the season where everything seems new: Empty limbed trees begin to bud, perennial flowers emerge from bulbs buried in the ground, and lifeless brown grass greens up as temps rise. 

Those are all nice, but in truth... none holds a candle to the birth of a cute baby animal. 

Visitors to Como Zoo in St. Paul can now check out two tiny Baby Dall sheep whose arrivals bookended the month of April. The little critter known as Lao came into the world April 1, and is now prancing around the zoo home she shares with mom Drizzle, dad Sylvester, 3-year-old Aunt Sunny and her baby cousin Breezy, who was born April 24.

Credit: Como Zoo
Baby lao arrived April 1. Her name means "cloud," and is also the name of a valley in Maui that a prominent Como Zoo donor likes to visit.

A donor to Como Friends named Lao, which means cloud. It is also the name of a valley in Maui that the donor and his wife love visiting. 

Breezy was named by Como Zoo's hoofed animal zookeepers, who say the name fits the little gal's personality. “She scampers around so lightly and is surprisingly very graceful for a baby not even a week old," explained zookeeper Jill Erzar. "It's an added bonus that it fits the fun weather theme we have for names.”

Credit: Como Zoo

Breezy and Lao can be seen every day at Como Zoo for those who make free reservations on Como's website. All visitors must wear face masks due to the COVID pandemic.