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Balance is the new unicorn; focus on harmony instead

Local transformational success coach says don’t make yourself crazy trying to find work-life balance.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — For decades Americans have struggled to achieve work-life balance.

Alissa Daire Nelson, a transformational success coach with Daire Success Coaching, spoke to the myth that “work-life balance” is attainable and provided new goals for people to strive for.

Daire Nelson believes balance is a myth.

"Lives are rich, fluid, and mobile, and the only way to achieve balance is to stop everything from moving." 

Daire Nelson suggests that a better way to look at balancing one's work and life is to create harmony in life. She said think of your full life like an orchestra. 

"Sometimes the string section is playing. Sometimes the first chair violinist gets a solo. The chimes may only come in at the end, and the percussion section may play softly and consistently. But, there is no such thing as equal playing time."

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Daire Nelson recommends that people view their role as the conductor of their own orchestra/life. With proper space and perspective, taking a few steps back allows them to take command of all the moving pieces. 

She encourages people to make sure all of their instruments are playing from the same sheet music. 

"This demands communication within all areas of your life, possibly warranting the need to say 'no' to one thing temporarily to say 'yes' to another. Strive for harmony. Let go of the false idea of balance. Give yourself this gift this holiday season," said Daire Nelson. 

For more tips from Daire Nelson on how create harmony, click here.

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