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Strength training could boost your brain as well as your body

A new study suggests that strength training benefits your brain weeks before it even adds to your muscle.

If you're looking for a way to bolster both your body and your brain, strength training may be a good tactic.

A new study suggests that weight lifting strengthens the nervous system before it improves the muscles.

Luke Carlson, CEO of Twin Cities-based Discover Strength, said the researchers in this study found that weightlifting actually strengthens the nervous system through a motor tract called the reticulospinal tract weeks before any muscle is added.

According to Carlson, the research could help doctors to treat patients who lose strength after a stroke or due to aging.

At Discover Strength, trainers recommend strength training less often, but harder. They suggest 30 minutes twice a week to see results and improve both your brain and your body.

Here are three moves that you can try at home to enhance workouts.

  • Wall sit: Hold the position for a period of time, and increase it as you get stronger.
  • Walking lunge: Moving slowly and going for distance is key.
  • Push-up You can do a standard push-up, one from the knee, or an e-centric only where you come down slowly and don't push back up, just climb back up to the top and repeat.

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