NEW PRAGUE, Minn. - Eighth grader Hailey Rausch knows what it's like to be the 'new kid' in school.

Last fall she started school at New Prague Middle School and that experience has led her to try and help other kids through that transition.

She wrote a 12-page children's book 'Beautiful Bella. The First Day of School' to help kids through issues like bullying, making friends, finding confidence and feeling 'beautiful."

Middle school brings all sorts of challenges as kids are finding out who they are and who they want to be; Hailey is hoping that her book will help kids through it all. The book is aimed at third through sixth graders. Bella works through bullying and rejection to find the beauty and hope within.

Hailey has created the "Beautifully You Movement" to help support her book and message to kids and teens. The book is a free download. You can also find out more information about having Hailey come read read to groups.